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WTA serves up women’s tennis for 40 years

0,,12781~9240169,00It’s forty years since Billie Jean King formed the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Bill Wilson, business reporter with the BBC, looks at how the organisation has progressed since its formation in a London hotel back in 1973.

“The WTA now has more than 2,500 players, representing 92 nations, competing at the WTA’s 54 events and four Grand Slams in 33 countries, with total prize money this year being some $100m.

In fact there has been a 70% increase in women’s prize money since 2009, all tied to the growth in tournament revenues.

More than 5.4 million people attended women’s tennis events in 2012, with millions more watching on television and digital channels.

It means that some of the biggest global brands are eager to be associated with the WTA, and sponsorship money – along with tournament revenues and TV deals – is a major foundation in the business model of the women’s game.

Big name backers include Dubai Duty Free, Oriflame, Jetstar, and Western Union. And in February, a multiyear and multimillion dollar global sponsorship deal was signed with office equipment maker Xerox.”

Read the full article by the BBC here.

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