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Huge Milestone As First Kuwaiti Women’s League Takes Off

fd8192cd493147d58fd40d89e8754cb2-edfc3c8e802a4330a2848b0d6f3d2321-1Joana Saba of the Arab Times reports:

“The First Kuwaiti Women’s League took off on Thursday evening, marking a huge milestone in the history of women’s sports in Kuwait. The league takes place in basketball, table tennis and athletics, and includes Salwa Sporting Club, the Girl’s Sporting Club and Al-Oyoun Club, in association with Al-Yarmouk, Al-Jahra and Al-Qadsiya sporting clubs. However, preparation for the league was not free of difficulties, as Sheikha Naima Al-Jaber Al-Ahmed Al Sabah, President of the Kuwaiti Union for Women’s Sports told the Arab Times.
“When we wanted to hold the league, the timing we had was very short, because of exams and so forth. But because we wanted a specifically Kuwaiti women’s league, we didn’t want players from abroad,” she said.
“We have three clubs, but a league can only be held with four or more clubs. So what happened was we spoke to the men’s sporting clubs and asked them to register some of our players with their clubs, which takes time, as you know,” she continued.
“We approached Qadsiya, Jahra and Yarmouk Sporting Clubs. Of course they don’t have any females in those clubs, but what we did was transfer our girls over and register their names under those clubs so that the league could be held correctly.”
In basketball, four clubs will be partaking, so as to ensure three rounds. In table tennis five clubs will partake, whilst athletics will include four clubs.”

To read the full article click here.


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