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O’Leary: Staunton’s better than any man

00067b2c-642Sourced from Hogan Stand:

“Ann-Marie Walsh says Cork must come up with a plan to stop Cora Staunton in Saturday’s ladies football National League final.

Widely regarded as the sport’s greatest exponent, Staunton shows no signs of slowing down and accounted for all of Mayo’s 1-10 tally in their semi-final victory over Monaghan a couple of weeks ago.

“That was incredible for any player,” the Cork defender said in the Irish Daily Star.

“She’s probably the hardest player to mark in Ireland so we’re hoping to have someone there who can do the job. All you can do is crowd her out of it, limit her options and try to push her out.

“You have to hope, then, that she doesn’t score from out the field, which she can do. You have to limit the supply to her too. I’d rate her as one of the top players in the country and she can score from anywhere.

“She has a better kicking leg than any man out there, I’d say.”

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