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These 5 Women Came Out Long Before Jason Collins

Brittney-Griner-sfSpanChristine Salek of Policymic reports:

“While NBA player Jason Collins’ “coming out” party is just beginning — and make no mistake, this is huge for the NBA and male professional sports everywhere — several female professional athletes have already publicly embraced their sexuality. The WNBA, UFC, Women’s Professional Soccer, and many more women’s leagues with “major” male counterparts have welcomed out LGBT athletes for years, though they have not garnered the same magnitude of respect as males.

The reasoning seems simple enough — NBA or NFL athletes, for example, face much more backlash from millions of fans (and players) who simply assume that there’s no way the “tough” and “masculine” guys they watch on TV are gay. Women athletes, on the other hand, don’t get as much publicity in anything they do, much less coming out as LGBT.

Here are 5 openly LGBT current professional women athletes you might (or might not) know:”

To read the rest of this article click here.


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