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University of Minnesota Men’s sports teams get almost three times the money as women’s, raising equity concerns

images (12)Derek Whetmore of The Minnesota Daily reports:

“Minnesota athletic director Joel Maturi, left, announced he would step-down from his position during a press conference with University President Eric Kaleron Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, at TCF Bank Stadium.

University of Minnesota athletics spending has favored men over women in areas that show a lack of dedication to Title IX, the federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in education.

But few eyes are watching to catch issues like those at the University, where men’s sports get almost three times the financial support as women’s. Those who do feel there is a problem are often afraid to speak up.

The school made plans to improve in 2008, when a University subcommittee raised gender equity concerns, but the problems have gone largely unresolved.

Outside oversight has decreased recently because the NCAA put a moratorium on school self-reviews in 2011. That has left the University largely on its own to police athletics department spending.”

To read the full report click here.


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