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In Lizzie Armanto’s Seat

iESPN’s Alyssa Roenigk reports:

“Lizzie Armanto hates the dentist. Or, more specifically, she hates going to the dentist. She actually really likes her dentist, who’s a nice lady — it’s the prodding, poking and inevitable pain she dislikes. Funny, then, that one of her favorite stories about skateboarding has to do with going to the dentist.

It was 2011 and Armanto, now 20, was skating the Vans Combi Pool in Orange, Calif. No surprise this part of the story ends with a crash, Armanto’s face meeting concrete and her front two teeth chipped nearly in half. Sitting in her dentist’s chair the next morning, she started to freak out. She knew she needed to have her teeth fixed, but maybe not today. “Then my dentist asked me to think of my happy place and to go there,” Armanto says. “She said, ‘Concentrate on the place that brings you the most happiness and keep thinking about it until you calm down.'”

Big mistake. Because where do you think Armanto’s mind instantly floated? Of course. To the Combi Pool. “It was such a crazy thought,” Armanto says. “My happy place did this to me! That thought did not calm me down.” But as soon as she left her dentist’s office, two front teeth in tact, all she could think about was skating Combi again.

At 14, Armanto got her first skateboard for the same reason many kids do, because her 8-year-old little brother, Max, wanted a skateboard, and he needed someone to go to the skatepark with him. She’d never been into sports, wasn’t drawn to team activities and didn’t have many friends. She was bit of a loner — still is — and a creative type, the kind of kid who’d rather spend her after-school hours doing arts and crafts than hanging at the mall. (Still would.) So Armanto didn’t expect to fall for any sport, let alone one her little brother was doing, when she went to the Santa Monica Skatepark for the first time.”

To read the rest of this article click here.


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This entry was posted on May 13, 2013 by in Skateboarding.
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