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Pushing for gender equality a major part of Goodrich’s career legacy in sports

Bmy2k.AuSt.39Andrew Lang of The Bellingham Herald reports:

“One of Lynda Goodrich’s favorite poems is “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

The poem speaks of one who decides to journey along a path less traveled, and concludes that doing so “has made all the difference.”

Goodrich’s 42 years at Western Washington University as women’s basketball coach and Director of Athletics have mirrored Frost’s words. She’s taken the road less traveled, and has made a major difference.

At a time in the mid-1900s when women were breaking out of stereotypical molds, Goodrich was knocking down barriers few women challenged.

Goodrich was never blessed with the opportunity to play high school varsity athletics. Women’s collegiate competitions in the late 1960s were known as sports days. Being a female and earning a scholarship wasn’t a reality. The women’s basketball teams Goodrich coached during the early 1970s were relegated to the older gym in the morning and afternoon, while men’s games were played in the main, featured gym at night.

Goodrich didn’t stand pat, though. She pushed for gender equality. She’s been an advocate from the time she graduated from Western Washington University in 1966 and was hired as a physical education teacher at West Seattle High School to the day she retired as AD Monday, May 6.”

To read the rest of this article click here.



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