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Sally Fitzgibbons

imagesPaul Cochrane of Athletes Talk speaks to Sally Fitzgibbons:

“Sally Fitzgibbons is a surfing prodigy who has become one of the best in the world. A rare junior talent, she has stepped onto the senior stage to be on the verge of claiming an elusive world title.

Sally a lot of athletes try and steer away from their own sport when they’re not competing and yet here you are watching surfing. You’re not like that?

Yeah I’m just sports mad in general, especially when it comes to surfing. I can pretty much just sit and watch a webcast for hours. I’ll go out and do all my training then sometimes I accidentally find myself sitting there for five or six hours.

I guess that’s a learning experience at the same time though?

Yeah you pick up things for sure. Especially watching the guys. You always have a benchmark that you’re striving for so I feel like it does improve my surfing. And I feel like I’m really connected to my sport by doing that.

Surely you must get sick of it after a while?

That’s the thing. I don’t. I’ll watch junior competitions. Star Series events. I’ll watch them all. Surfing tragic. Haha

Ever get a little dangerous and change the channel?

Yeah but I’m always learning. I’ll look at other sports and try and take something from it. Whether it’s say golf or tennis or football or whatever I’m seeing how they cope with the pressure of competing. Especially in the dying stages and when the stakes are on the line I just try and pick up things from other athletes.

You mention pressure. Are you feeling any this season given how close you’ve been to the world title for the past three years?

Not really. I know the results have been the same each year but I genuinely feel like I’ve kept improving and that’s given me a lot of confidence. I’ve been number two in the world for a few years but I’ve had to keep stepping it up to retain that spot. I feel like my blueprint for competing is really solid.

You’ve been second in the world title three years running. Do you reflect on that with satisfaction, pride or frustration?

It’s a mix of all of them. I do focus on the positives but there are moments of frustration when it’s been a matter of 10 seconds here or one wave there. But that’s what makes the sport great and why we all love it I guess. But I do take pride in that record. I had three really consistent years and I feel like I’m just going to get stronger and stronger.”

To read the full interview click here.

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