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Commitee on Women’s Athletics requests for Triathlon to be nam “Emerging Sport”

triathlon-nbc-424601_m21Braden Keith of reports:

The triathlon, which is a popular post-high school/college destination for competitive swimmers, has taken an important next step toward becoming an official NCAA sport, as the organization’s Committee on Women’s Athletics is asking for proposals to add women’s triathlon as an “emerging sport” for women.

Thus far, schools submitting letters of support for women include Arizona, Air Force, Denver, Drake, Monmouth, UNC-Asheville, Northern Iowa, and Stanford on the Division I level; Adams State and Colorado-Colorado Springs on the Division II level; and Maine-Farmington and Marymount on the Division III level.

This makes triathlon the first sport considered for “emerging” status since sand volleyball in 2009 (which has been a relative success). Sand volleyball, rugby, and equestrian are all currently in this limbo status.

This status is significant, as once sports are on this list, they are considered for NCAA minimum sports sponsorship requirements, and in Division I and II minimum financial aid requirements (though, even without emerging status, schools can still use any varsity program to meet Title IX requirements).

In effect, this gives universities encouragement to continue the development of programs in these sports, as there is acknowledgement that with continued growth, it will become an NCAA Championship sport. To hit that level, there needs to be 40 varsity programs for individual sports and 28 varsity programs for team sports (triathlon likely falls in the category of the former) within 10 years. After 10 years, if that goal isn’t met (or there isn’t significant progress toward it) a sport can be removed from emerging sport status.

To read the rest of this article click here.

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