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Perry hails women’s cricket pay increase

ellyse-perryDual sport star Ellyse Perry has hailed the pay increase handed to women cricketers as a “wonderful step forward”  that she hopes will be followed by other sports to encourage the next generation of talent.

As reported by Fairfax Media, Perry, who represents Australia in cricket and soccer, stands to earn at least $80,000 from cricket next year under a dramatically improved pay scheme.

Perry said the increased payments announced by Cricket Australia on Tuesday, which includes significant improvements in minimum and top contracts and increased tour payments, should serve as an example to other sports.

“Firstly, more than anything it’s just a wonderful step forward for both women’s cricket (and) women’s sport in general in Australia and I think it goes a long way to promoting and fostering the professionalism of the sport,” Perry told SEN.

“For us in particular (it gives) us the opportunity to spend even more time on training and playing and focusing on being cricketers which for us, because we love playing so much, is a really wonderful opportunity.

“But I think it also in a lot of ways sets the standard now that other sports can look to follow and also hopefully is a platform to develop the sport and include more young girls and get more females involved in women’s cricket but also in sport in general.

“For young girls growing up and playing cricket and different sports at school cricket is quite a viable option now for a career for them and hopefully that’s exciting and something young girls want to be involved in.”

The immensely marketable Perry, who studies part-time, said while she had been able to make a living from her sports, many of her teammates had to juggle their careers with full-time work and education.

“There are obviously times when we just don’t have the opportunity to really train and play full-time which is tough when you are going away to major tournaments and you really want to prepare and do well in those events,” Perry said.

“The opportunity for girls and the possibility to have more time off work or other commitments we have in our lives to focus on cricket because of the financial backing that we have is a really wonderful step forward.

“It just makes things a little bit easier for all of us, which is wonderful thing, particularly when we’re on tour. I know a lot of the girls have a number of obligations they leave behind to come away and play and for that to not be as much of a burden on them is a wonderful thing.”

This article was sourced from The Age Sport.


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