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Sudan lawmaker calls for ban on women’s sports

tumblr_ldt0dxztzM1qfrq0to1_500The Sudanese lawmaker who once described uncircumcised women as “dirty” has submitted a motion to a parliamentary subcommittee that would ban women in sports, saying it violates sharia law, the Sudan Tribune reported Tuesday.

Dafa’a Allah Hasab Al- addressed his fellow lawmakers: “You should remember your daughters’ honor. I made this motion to protect your daughters and wives.”

The legislative committee ignored Mr. Al-Rasool’s proposal and called upon the Youth and Sports Ministry to commit itself to the Islamic guidelines on women’s sport as provided by the Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence) Academy, the Sudan Tribune said.

Mr. Al-Rasool has been described in Sudanese media as controversial. Just last month, he demanded the parliament adopt a motion calling for polygamy, saying that it is the only way to produce more males to support the army, the Sudan Tribune reported.

This article was sourced from Jessica Chasmar of The Washington Times.


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