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Alyssa Milano bringing women’s apparel to NASCAR

165513-650-366Actress Alyssa Milano used to get disappointed when she ventured into various fan shops at sporting events. That was until she started her own clothing line about six years ago.

Milano’s “Touch” women’s clothing line features sports fan apparel for football, basketball, baseball, hockey and college teams.

Yup. Some of the newest t-shirts for sale at the racetrack will be ones that Milano—who starred in “Who’s The Boss,” “Charmed,” and “Melrose Place”—helped design.

“I’m doing NASCAR. … We’re launching NASCAR in a couple of weeks, which I’m really excited about,” she told talk show host Jimmy Fallon last week.

The 40-year-old Milano, now starring in the series “Mistresses,” started the clothing line in 2007 after not finding anything she liked when shopping for fan apparel.

“I was so annoyed by the pink,” she told Fallon. “It was insulting to me.”

NASCAR will begin selling her products next week on its website and it also will be available at the tracks on race weekends.

The launch will feature all female tops and the product line will include 10 drivers—Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, Matt Kenseth, Brad Keselowski, Danica Patrick and Tony Stewart.

Gear of 25 or 30 drivers could eventually become available and by next spring, the products will be available in stores, NASCAR Vice President of Licensing Blake Davidson said.

NASCAR has been working with Milano’s company for a year. She will be in Daytona next week to help promote the launch.

“I guess we’re as guilty as some of the other sports in the past of not having product that was really built for women—they weren’t really not the true female silhouettes and not nearly as fashion forward,” Davidson said.

“That’s what’s really exciting about this. It’s product that is really, truly made for the female fan and it more fashion oriented.”


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