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Three female cricket players reveal why the sport is becoming more popular with women

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“WITH  your eyes closed, the sounds of the cricket match are unmistakable – tense silence, bat meeting ball, cheers and polite applause.

You could easily be sitting by the village green in an English county, waiting for the men to break for tea.

But you could hardly be further from the truth. Within sight of the Wallace Monument, Scotland’s national women’s cricket team are locked in a game with the Japanese women’s team – and they’re beating them.

This match was part of Japan’s world tour to celebrate 150 years of cricketing history, but it also highlighted Scotland’s standing in the world of the sport.

For many years, cricket – more traditionally seen as a game played south of the Border and by men – failed to attract much widespread attention in Scotland.

But more recently things have been changing. The national teams – both the men’s and women’s – have begun to take their place on the world stage.

A new generation of Scottish cricket talent is on the way up and nothing is going to stop them.

Aberdeenshire Cricket Club ( is holding a series of ‘come and try’ sessions for women on May 17 and 31.”

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